We Ensure Best Product

:-  Excellent quick automatic action without foot valve up to 8 mtrs.
:-  Automatic air release during priming.
:-  Back pull out design, so easy maintainance without disturbing pipe lines.
:-  Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure less vibrations.
:-  Better efficiency because of good hydraulic design.
:-  Minimum parts, fast repairing at low cost, Also pump is available at economical rate.
:-  Available in Bare, Coupled, Monobloc, Belt driven & Engine driven version.
:-  Also offered pump with trolley / trailer to move it from one place to another.
:-  Monobloc pumps can be able to with stand with wide voltage fluctuations.
:-  Less expensive & easily available spares.
:-  Pumps can be fitted with mechanical seal as per customer's requirements.
:-  Very simple construction, only two moving parts.
:-  Easy inspection of impeller.
:-  Large diameter solids handled. up to 60 mm
:-  High resistance. to abrasive liquids the wear plate is easily replaced and impeller are also available with ceramic coating
:-  Easy to install: - only the suction hose is immersed in the liquid, The pump can be set up high and dry in the most convenient position for inspection and maintenance.
:-  Long Life :- The parts subject to wear can be easily replaced one or more times to restore the original performance.

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