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Turbine flow meter transducer adapts to measure the liquid rate and total flow rate of low viscosity and for clear liquid.
It can be widely used in the fields of petrol, chemical Industry , Metallurgy , Scientific research for measuring or control. Several output display methods can be selected.
High-accuracy: 0.2%, 0.5% , 1%
Wearable Tungsten carbonized shaft and bearing.
Erode-resistant applicable for sea water, ammonia , etc. Bi-Direction measuring bi-direction flow (optional)
Multi-output pulse , 4-20mA DC, total and rate display in the field.
Power-supply 5-24 V DC,
Explosion-proof Ex d II BT4/Ex ib I
Pipeline range 6,10,15,25,40,50,80,100,150,200,250,300 mm.
To have a precise measurement, please inform us as much information as possible about your application in your mail.
In particular, it is helpful to include the medium to be measured, the pipe diameter or
schedule, the pressure, and the maximum flow rate.

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