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A Columnar object is inserted into the fluid. Regular eddies occur alternately on both sides of the columnar object . This kind of eddy is called as Kaman vortex. The occurrence frequency is proportional to the flow velocity of liquid, so the vortex frequency is detected by piezoelectric sensor, and the flow rate of fluid may be calculated through the sensor

 Temperature and pressure compensation transmitter receive temperature sensor signal and pressure sensor signal and displays the flow rate of fluid after temperature and pressure compensation , and then the temperature compensation and pressure compensation are realized.
 Explosion Proof : Exia II CT6
Exd II CT6
 Output : 4-20m A / pulse signal
 Display : LCD Instantaneous flow, accumulated flow of measured medium simultaneously.
 Communication :- HART ( on request only) , Profibus – DP FF/field bus
 No Moving Components, firm, durable and maintenance-free.

Liquid , Gas , Steam

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