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A removable mechanism type Woltmann Water Meter with magnetic drive and vacuum sealed register.

STANDARDS :- Conforms to ISO 4064, Class-B.

APPLICATION :- Water Distribution Network Industrial / Commercial Water Supply Boilers

:- Leak proof and sealed totaliser
:-  Magnetic drive
:-  Repairable without interrupting water supply
:-  Removable mechanism ensures easy maintenance
:-  Totaliser protected by metallic cover.
:-  Reliable sensitive metrology and low pressure loss.

:-  Hot water meters (<90OC) & (<120OC)
:-  Pulse output water meters.
:-  Zenner Water Meter with EEC Mark.
:-  Water Meters Suitable for ETP/Dirty Water.
:-  Dirt Box (50mm to 500mm).
:-  Electro Magnetic Flow Meters (15mm to 1000mm).

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